We provide monthly Grocery assistance to destitute women and widows in Pune. The monthly requirement for these Groceries is Rs. 1500 per person.

If you would like to assist with this project.

In collaboration with #YugFoundation, we have identified a hundred families that are in dire need of nutrition. Hundreds of volunteers went around Pune, looking for families that strictly meet this criteria:

1. There is no pakka home. The family lives under flex or patra.

2. The woman is the sole earning member, and the average monthly income is 5,000 rupees or less.

3. She has two or more dependents.

4. There is no dish antenna, no TV and no smart phone in the family.

After meeting thousands of families, these 100 families have been shortlisted. The data has been verified and re-verified. We won’t even be giving them the entire groceries for the month, we will meet just part of their requirements, so that they will continue to look for income. This grocery bag worth 1,200 rupees will just ensure that they don’t starve.